Repatterning Sessions


"A changed


 changes experience"

Repatterning uses online & in person   

kinesiology to

identify what the mind body system needs & does not need;


supporting sound journeys towards greater coherence.

39.00 GPB 50.00 USD

Me: Student pratitioner.

code of conduct: RPA student practitioner certification manual version 6. 2017.  


Inner Sound

Tuning Forks



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Harmonious Sounds Make Light work.

People singing in 'a choir' reminds me much about ‘Repatterning’: sounds mixed together become a ‘voice’ the whole made up of and being more than the individual sum parts.


Beliefs Expectations Become repeated patterns. Repatterning.

In Repatterning we work together in our collective 'field'; select what issues and parts of issues held in a person we are going to address. Then resolve problems or help build on assets already held. So moving into more harmonic states.


To loosen Patterns

The technologies we use are kinesiological muscle checking; checking from a number of lists of statements to address challenges or build on assets according to what the muscle checking indicates what is needed. Muscle checking can be done in person or distant over the internet as we are working with the shared ‘field’.


We Are Hard Wired For Success

The lists of statements are from thirty years of study of common issues held in people generally coming from earlier times when our needs were unmet and our drive compromised and stored as such in the  unconscious, and stoed in  the chakra, and meridian systems of peoples psycho-physical organism.


The need to meet unmet needs. 

We have common needs and desires: love affection continuity acceptance to be happy creative and to feel 'other' connected. Not having these needs met particularly early in our  lives, leads to beliefs and experiences being filtered through the energy systems of the body and producing unhelpful beliefs about the outside world and how we exist within it.


The techniques of Repatterning use sound, our voices, as coherent sound waves in communication with clients. Repatterning uses sound vocally other instruments, to bring new possibilities from the potential of the void.


Reworking the old: Incorporating the new.

New possibilities come through adjusted chakra meridian systems allowing new perceptions and more balanced responses to ourselves the environment and others. Hence facilitating a more


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